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Privacy Policy

The PAWlicies (Policies) below are applicable to KidsWebTV Inc. KidsWebTV Inc. is dedicated to providing kids with an educational, safe and fun website. We respect your privacy and have therefore developed this Privacy Pawlicy in compliance with Canada's new federal privacy legislation.

Collecting Information

KidsWebTV Inc. collects personal identifying information during contest registration and e-mail newsletters. In addition, information is collected in certain portions of the web site where visitors provide content submissions, suggestions or participate in online activities (games, paws for planet daily or spill the beans).

Using/Releasing Information

KidsWebTV Inc. may use such information to award prizes or to track compliance with the rules and pawlicies (policies); for editorial and feedback use; or for internal purposes to determine the interest level of our visitors. With this we are able to construct our web site in a manner that is most appealing, suitable and safe for our visitors. KidsWebTv Inc. does not guarantee that the information you release online will be secure.
Should KidsWebTV Inc. intend on posting any obtained information, visitors will be made aware and will be given the option to have this information posted or not.

Protecting Information

KidsWebTV Inc. does not sell, barter or distribute any information obtained from our visitors. KidsWebTV Inc. respects the privacy of our visitors and families. All information obtained remains the property of KidsWebTV Inc.

PAWlicies (Policies) for Individuals Under the Age of Majority

PAWlicies (Policies) for Individuals Over the Age of Majority

Information submitted may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by KidsWebTV Inc. providing that notice has been given to the individual and permission has been granted.

Links to Other Sites

From time to time, it is required that KidsWebTV Inc. link sites with others to download plug-ins and other browser enhancements that may be necessary for the enjoyment and use of parts of the web site, links may be used.
Visitors should be aware that when they are on the KidsWebTV Inc. site and a link is available, these third party sites are beyond the control of KidsWebTV Inc., and we are not responsible for their content. These links ae provided for reference only. Inclusion of links by KidsWebTv Inc. to third party sites does not imply an endorsement of the material on such site or any association with their operators. Links will take visitors to other sites outside our service. Third party sites may use cookies, collect data or solicit personal information. You access such sites solely at your own risk. Please always be aware of where you are and who you are dealing with.
If you have any questions about our Privacy Pawlicy, the practices of KidsWebTv Inc. or your dealings with our site, please contact us at admin@kidswebtv.com